Recycling Collections

We are collecting the following items via TerraCycle UK which can be dropped to the Church (currently by arrangement only).

Cracker, biscuit and cake wrappers

  • All brands of non-savoury biscuit wrappers
  • All brands of cracker wrappers
  • All brands of cake wrappers

Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packets

  • Any brand of nut packets
  • Any brand of pretzel packets
  • Any brand of popcorn packets
  • Any brand of crisp packets
  • Any brand of crisp, popcorn or pretzel multi-packs

Cheese Packaging

  • Any brand of flexible plastic cheese pouches
  • Any brand of individual plastic cheese wrappers
  • Any brand of sliced cheese protective plastic film (top lid only, not tray or separation sheets)
  • Any brand of plastic nets for mini cheeses
  • Labels from Cathedral City Mini packs of 6

Ring Carriers

  • All flexible plastic carriers used to hold cans

Please ensure that any packaging is clean, flattened (we cannot accept packaging that has been made into a triangle!) and separated by scheme. If you are unsure about anything please contact TerraCycle who can confirm if an item is acceptable.

To arrange to drop your recycling at the Church please email to confirm when/how to drop off your recycling.

Thank you for your support. Please encourage your friends and family to save their wrappers.

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